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Movo Evolution Universal Scooter Canopy
Movo canopy closed
Movo canopy open

Easy to assemble, easy to install, and of impeccable design quality, the Movo Evolution canopy protects you from the sun, rain, cold and wind, while maintaining optimal ventilation in the cabin.


It's a canopy that turns into a cabin in an instant thanks to its retractable technology, it does not need to be lowered at all times. You can choose the position that suits you, depending on the weather. Add the finishing touch to your ride with the Movo Evolution, the canopy evolved.


A compact design, the width of the Movo canopy is 74 cm (29 inches), which allows it to fit through all openings, even small interior doors. Ultralight with a total weight of 19 lbs (8.7 kg), the Movo canopy can be installed easily by one person.


Movo is a universal model, thanks to an ingenious installation using the hitch under the seat it's compatible with most medium and large three and four wheel scooters. For Invacare scooters with a double hitch we can supply you with an adapter specific to this installation.


If you're already using your hitch for your cane holder or other attachment, the Movo has that exact same hitch behind it that you can use.


The Movo is made of premium quality high-strength polycarbonate and cast aluminum to minimize weight and maximize durability. The fabrics and zippers used are water repellent, robust and high quality. The materials have been selected to ensure the durability of the product that's protecting you from the nasty weather. For the windows, Movo uses a nautical grade 3 UV resistant mica, which optimizes visibility and the durability of the canopy.


Extend your season and increase the number of your outings with the new generation Movo Evolution canopy. the ultimate accessory for your scooter, rain or shine.


Please note:

  • Make sure you have the square tube under the seat, also called “accessory shackle” or “hitch”, with interior dimensions of 1 square inch. This square tube should be positioned in the center, at the rear base of the seat, and be strong enough to hold some of the weight of the canopy. If non-regulatory or unstable, adding a support (square tube) is very simple, and this can be welded on by any professional in the field at very little cost.

  • To optimize stability, a minimum of 20 inches of seat back height is recommended in order to use the support in this position. It should be noted that the canopy can still be used without this support.

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