Introducing the new 4-wheel Brio, with the same patented folding design it's built it's reputation on.


The Brio's recently added armrests and air-filled tires offer you a more comfortable ride. The Brio is a strong portable travel scooter compact in design that allows for easy storage or packing. It's ideal for maneuvering indoors and can also be used outdoors on smooth terrain.


The Brio can be folded in one step and is powered by a lithium battery. This eliminates 15 pounds from the scooter's weight and offers a life cycle 2 to 3 times longer than acid or gel batteries.


The total weight of the Brio is 29 kg (64 bs), with it's robust carrying capacity of 115kg (250lbs) it offers a maximum battery range of up to 12 miles or 20km.


The videos and User Manual offered here feature the previous 2017 models we will be updating these asap, but the patented folding mechanism remains unchanged in 2018.


Colours: Bronze or Burgundy.

Brio+ Folding Travel Scooter

Option 1: BRONZE
Option 2: BURGUNDY