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The SupaLite only weighs 31 lbs. without the seat, and can be easily folded for transport.

SupaScoota Travel Mobility

The SupaScoota Mobility Scooters offer a unique design and patented safety engineering that is unlike any other in the market.


SupaScootas have undergone rigorous testing for durability and safety to meet USA FDA requirements.The SupaScoota's patented technology, The Electronic Stability Control System (ESC), reduces the scooter speed during a turn, reducing the risk of tipping the scooter, and preventing accidents.


SupaScoota's modern design focuses on simplicity and elegance, eliminating bulky and heavy plastic that weighs down other traditional scooters.


Unconventional and undeniably different the SupaScoota challenges the traditional concept of portable scooter design. Its innovative and unique basic "no frills" engineering will leave you asking why it has taken this long to arrive. 

The SupaScoota puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination.


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SupaScoota SupaLite4 folding portable scooter

C$3,295.00 Regular Price
C$3,195.00Sale Price