The Transit Auto-Folding Scooter only weighs 44 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs., it's the perfect travel scooter.

Press a button and it folds itself up, stand it on end and it pulls along like a wheelie bag. Most airlines will check your Transit on board for free as a medical aid. Call ahead before booking your travel to make sure, then pack your 44 lbs.of mobility freedom "to go".


The Heartway Transit electric auto-folding travel scooter is portable and folds up with the push of a button, either on the key fob or located at the rear of the scooter.

The Transit is ideal for use on cruise ships, in shopping centers, and many other public venues. The compact design allows it to be stored virtually anywhere and can easily fit in the trunk of most automobiles.

The Transit uses a 8.7 Ah lithium battery and is approved for airline travel. It features 8" x 2" flat free drive wheels, 7" x 1.6" flat free front wheels and a 16" fish on style seat. LED front and back lights are also included.

Features automatic Folding & Unfolding with one touch, an adjustable tiller, key ignition, with dual hand two way throttle control.



Transit Auto-folding Travel Scooter