Meet the future of personal transportation. The 47 lb. powered folding mobility chair that can turn on a dime, folds & unfolds in seconds, fits in your trunk or back seat, seats you at tables and desks like a normal chair and is fun to drive!




The Zinger features two steering levers, one on either side of the seat, using two hands to operate. The controller is on the right steering lever (only) and speed is controlled by selecting the setting then squeezing the trigger. 


The rider pushes both levers down when going forward, pulls them both up to brake, and pushes one while pulling the other to turn to either side. This gives you amazing control with smooth intuitive steering.


You can pull up under tables or desks, and the exclusive footrest swings out of the way when you stand up or sit down, like standing up from a kitchen chair.


With its lightweight 47 lbs aircraft aluminum frame zinger lifts into a back seat or into the trunk of a vehicle. You can check it at the airport as oversized luggage like you would skis, golf clubs or a child's stroller and because it's a personal mobility device it's checked for you at no charge.


You can take your Zinger almost anywhere, so you don’t have to let mobility issues rule your life. Zinger folds/unfolds in seconds without tools, is safe and reliable. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds, travels at up to 6 mph-10 kmh and operates for up to 8 miles-13 km on a single charge*.


Colour: Black, Blue or Green


Zinger is not specifically intended for the disabled or individuals fully restricted to a sitting position. It's not a medical device but a personal aid to locomotion designed to extend one's personal mobility range and capacity to travel.


*Distance per charge is directly related to conditions, wind, user weight, slopes etc. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Zinger folding electric wheelchair

C$4,069.00 Regular Price
C$3,495.00Sale Price