Introducing the ZOOMER!
The lightweight folding electric mobility chair that offers easy one-handed operation and weighs less than 52 lbs. with battery.
The Zoomer folds and unfolds as easily as a lawn chair and is built tough enough to comfortably transport up to 250 lbs. Its joystick control allows the rider to select the speed and direction of travel with the touch of a button, and it can be positioned for either the right or left hand.


Joystick bracket attachment

Your Zoomer arrives fully assembled but to attach the joystick in its bracket using the 2 supplied screws and wrench. You'll find these taped to the outside of the joystick's packaging.

The two holes are threaded for ease of use, for either right or left hand operation.

It's best not to separate the joystick from its bracket until it's installed, to enable correct placement position and proper orientation.


The bracket becomes a permanent chair fixture while the joystick controller can be removed at anytime by loosening the knob at its base as shown and sliding its post from its holder.

Left-hand installation

Charging your Zoomer.

Refer to page 17 of the user manual.

Round charger connector inserts here, making sure the unit is off when charging.
Charger connector
Plugs into AC outlet.
Zoomer joystick.jpg
Press this button to release the lock then pull the connector out to disconnect.
When the charger light is solid green the unit is fully charged.
It's easy to drive.
Move the joystick in the direction you want to go, forward, backward or side to side. You have full control at your fingertips, while speed is controlled with the push of a button.
Freewheel mode
To dis-engage the motors turn the unit off and place the red levers in the freewheel position, to move the chair or push a rider. For your safety be careful to move the levers back to their drive position before sitting in the Zoomer. The brakes are electromagnetic and only function while in drive mode, but not in freewheel mode.
To extend both back anti-tilting wheels pull on the knob at the base and pull the wheel all the way out for increased safety and stability on allowable inclines.
Fits under tables and desks.
No need to transfer to another chair, simply drive yourself into position and back out using your joystick, it's as simple as that. Also very convenient when dining out.
Easy to transport.
Folds flat in seconds.
Simply pull the release cable and it folds to 12 inches. No parts to assemble or disassemble. To unfold it, pull the cable again and open it like a lawn chair, you'll be zooming away in no time.
Lightweight and portable.
At just under 52 lbs. with battery it can be loaded into a back seat or trunk without the use of a ramp or lift.
Zoomer is not a medical device specifically intended for the disabled or individuals fully restricted to a sitting position. It's a personal locomotive assistive device designed to extend anyone's mobility range and capacity to travel.