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Welcome! We offer folding portable electric wheelchairs and scooters including two products that you won't find anywhere else in Canada, the Mobi and the Zoomer. 
Please scroll down for videos and more.
In Canada 1-844-969-3694
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We use PayPal at our online checkout, a fast secure experience that lets you pay how you want.
You can pay with your PayPal account, set one up, or use your credit card or Visa debit card.
Standard courier ground shipping to anywhere in Canada is included in our pricing, but we do not export to the USA. 
The Movo Evolution Universal Scooter Canopy
We have this one in our shop for you to try.
 The Movo Canopy will fit on most scooters regardless of make, model or year.
Wet weather? Hot sun? No problem! Join the Movo Evolution!
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The new Mobi is foldable and lightweight thanks to its aluminum titanium alloy frame. You don't have to sacrifice comfort to regain your mobility with Mobi's generous seating, its shock absorbers to soften the ride, and an ergonomically contoured seat cushion that embraces the human shape.

Enjoy peace of mind, your new Mobi is covered by a 3 year warranty, see the user manual for details.
Mobi's Lithium batteries are airline friendly and supply a travel range of 22-25 km per charge.
Please watch the
 video to see how easy it is to operate, and to fold and unfold for transport.
Comfortable seating
Cushioned ride
Easy folding
Choose 18 monthly payments at 0% interest:
Instant financing available at 0% interest for a term of 18 months with credit approval,
you pay $190.00 / mo. (includes a $6.95 process fee), no tax, and enjoy free delivery.
In Canada 1-844-969-3694
Introducing the ZOOMER!
The lightweight folding electric mobility chair that offers easy one-handed operation and weighs less than 52 lbs. with battery.
The Zoomer folds and unfolds as easily as a lawn chair and is built tough enough to comfortably transport up to 250 lbs. Its joystick control allows the rider to select the speed and direction of travel with the touch of a button, and it can be positioned for either the right or left hand.


Joystick bracket attachment

Your Zoomer arrives fully assembled but to attach the joystick in its bracket using the 2 supplied screws and wrench. You'll find these taped to the outside of the joystick's packaging.

The two holes are threaded for ease of use, for either right or left hand operation.

It's best not to separate the joystick from its bracket until it's installed, to enable correct placement position and proper orientation.


The bracket becomes a permanent chair fixture while the joystick controller can be removed at anytime by loosening the knob at its base as shown and sliding its post from its holder.

Left-hand installation 

Charging your Zoomer.

Refer to page 17 of the user manual.

Charger connector
Press this button to release the lock then pull the connector out to disconnect.
Round charger connector inserts here, making sure the unit is off when charging.
Plugs into AC outlet.
When the charger light is solid green the unit is fully charged, you should charge overnight after each use.
It's easy to drive.
Move the joystick in the direction you want to go, forward, backward or side to side. You have full control at your fingertips, while speed is controlled with the push of a button.
Freewheel mode
To dis-engage the motors turn the unit off and place the red levers in the freewheel position, to move the chair or push a rider. For your safety be careful to move the levers back to their drive position before sitting in the Zoomer. The brakes are electromagnetic and only function while in drive mode, but not in freewheel mode.
Please refer to page 13 of the user manual. To extend both back anti-tilting wheels pull on the knob at the base and pull the wheel all the way out for increased safety and stability on allowable inclines.
Fits under tables and desks.
No need to transfer to another chair, simply drive yourself into position and back out using your joystick, it's as simple as that. Also very convenient when dining out.
Easy to transport.
Folds flat in seconds.
Simply pull the release cable and it folds to 12 inches. No parts to assemble or disassemble. To unfold it, pull the cable again and open it like a lawn chair, you'll be zooming away in no time.
Lightweight and portable.
At just under 52 lbs. with battery it can be loaded into a back seat or trunk without the use of a ramp or lift.
Zoomer is not a medical device specifically intended for the disabled or individuals fully restricted to a sitting position. It's a personal locomotive assistive device designed to extend anyone's mobility range and capacity to travel.
Free accessories

For a limited time receive a FREE Universal Drink Holder with your wheelchair purchase.

Available with all three, the Mobi, the Zinger and the Zoomer.

Universal Drink Holder assembly instructions are below.

FREE Universal drink holder
To assemble insert the 4 hooks (right) into the 4 open slots (left) and push up or down to snap the 2 halves together.
Tighten the claw to the frame at the ideal drink position. Level the tray and tighten the nut that keeps it level. Voila!
It has an adjustable tray.
Bonus gift!
You'll also receive a FREE backpack carry-all bag with reflective stripe, it's our way of saying thank you for your business. 
Enjoy them both with our compliments, cheers!

Your safety is our priority in these uncertain times.

As a Licensed Medical Device Establishment we remain open for business to continue serving your mobility needs. Showroom visits are now by appointment only to ensure social distancing requirements are met. We are following AHS guidelines, all surfaces are disinfected regularly, while hand sanitizer and masks are offered as a courtesy. Call ahead to book a time so you can be assured of complete privacy while you try out our many units in search of your perfect ride.

We offer free delivery, curbside pick up, and free standard ground shipping.

Need a lift?

"Don't accept lifts from strangers"

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Call us or fill out our form to book a time to come try ours, or to request a free in-home estimate.

You can arrange for a free demonstration, we've partnered with Acorn Stairlifts and have installed a curved stairlift with a hinged rail in our facility as well as an outdoor all-season stairlift so you can test-drive them both for yourself.

Book your no-obligation appointment for a free demonstration, or a free in-home consultation with an Acorn Stairlift Specialist by entering your contact info in the form provided here or at the tab at the top of this page.


Click here for our Brochure

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Client Ratings

Darren G ★★★★★ 
This company goes above and beyond. Customer service is outstanding I recently purchased a scooter from Ron awesome sales person . Ask questions to make sure you get the rite scooter for your needs . From my experience dealing with them they are not in it just for the sale they actually care .

Thx Ron Yours truly, Darren G

Shirley J ★★★★★

We recently purchased a portable chair from Ron at My Scooter and were very pleased with the great customer service and the chair. Ron took the time to make sure the chair was the right fit for our requirements and made every effort to ensure we received it as quickly as possible. We would highly recommend My Scooter and thank Ron for the excellent customer service.

Deanne H ★★★★★ 

Service was excellent! It is obvious they care about their customers. The power chair was everything I expected and the tips were very helpful. Delivery was friendly and on time. I was able to enjoy the trails along Lake Ontario for the first time all summer. I am recommending MyScooter to all my friends.

Thank you so much!


Heinz W ★★★★★ 

Good business to deal with, not just interested in sales. Ron knows his stuff and has been very helpful by answering any questions or addressing any problems.

Thank you, H & R W.

Tim R ★★★★★

Very knowledgeable. Ron has experience with all of the products he sells. He makes good suggestions based on your needs and only sells quality products. He is willing to bring to you if you cannot get to his shop. The zoomer electric chair was exactly what my wife needed for mobility and it was portable to fold and transport. Really helped us out. T&N R.
Charla J ★★★★★
I called about a scooter in August. Ron was helpful and knew his products. We live two provinces away. He not only knew his stuff, he knew what brands our local shops carried as well. In the end, he was the closest shop with the discontinued model folding we wanted, so we purchased from his shop. Ron was thorough in explaining all the usage instructions and made it very easy. He always gave us the option of changing our minds and we never felt pressured to buy anything. We were able to feel in control during the buying and testing phase and so we felt very good about our purchase. At first, the scooter we purchased was used very lightly for occasional shopping. But as life happens, circumstances change and we don't know what we would do without it - we are so grateful to have it. It was a major purchase and if Ron had not been so supportive, we might have been afraid to spend the money on it. That would have been terrible, because it turns out we really, really needed the scooter. Thanks Ron!


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