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Scooters offer you mobility, independence and are fun to drive, while indoors in a limited space a powered wheelchair may be more practical. Consider what's most important to you then compare their benefits. 

We'll help you find your scooter or powered chair based on what you need from it most.

We offer Portables, Foldables, Mid-size, and Heavy Duty including the exclusive Monster X.

Try them here or have us bring them to you whenever that's possible, we're mobile.


We' re an authorized dealer for the folding Mobi Wheelchair, the Zinger and Zoomer folding wheelchairs, as well as Drive and Heartway Medical Mobility Scooters. Please have a look at a few in our showcase below, if you don't see the one you're looking for please contact us, we'll help you find it:

Zoomer Chair video 

Zinger Chair video

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