The new Mobi is lightweight thanks to it's aluminium alloy frame. Please watch our video to see how easily it folds up. No need to sacrifice comfort for portability thanks to Mobi's generous seating, it's rear shock absorbers to soften the ride, and an ergonomically contoured seat cushion that embraces the human shape. It's Lithium-ion batteries are airline friendly supplying a range of up to 25 km per charge. 
Comfortable seating
Cushioned ride
Easy folding
Only the Zinger pulls right up to a table or desk.
The Zinger fits under a standard table or desk even with the armrests installed, which all of our Canadian models arrive equipped with. To back out you can push off from the table with your feet or use the reverse mode to make backing up a breeze.
It's easy to take with you.
You simply pull the release cable and it folds to 10" in seconds. There are no parts to assemble or disassemble, see how easy it really is. 
The Zinger turns on a dime.
No other power mobility product maneuvers like it. It's patented two lever driving system makes tight turns a breeze, watch it literally turn on a dime.
Lightweight and portable.
At only 47 lbs. with battery, It can be loaded into a vehicle's back seat or trunk. When folded it rolls along like a suitcase.
The Zinger works inside or outside.
Three speed settings keep you in full control. Low is perfect for around the house and makes learning easy and safe. Medium allows up to 5 km/h for keeping pace with a friend on foot. In High the Zinger can travel up to 10 km/h to get you there fast !
The Zinger goes almost anywhere.
While it's not built to drive on beach sand or other off-roading, it's powerful motor and low center of gravity lets you go most places without risk of tipping. Grass, gravel or bumps up to 2" are no problem in your Zinger, take a look.
Join thousands of happy Zinger owners today! 
Introducing the ZOOMER !
The lightweight folding electric mobility chair that offers easy one-handed operation and only weighs 52 lbs. with battery. The Zoomer folds and unfolds as easily as a lawn chair and is built tough enough to comfortably transport up to 275 lbs. It's joystick control allows the rider to select the speed and direction of travel with the touch of a button, and it can be positioned for either the right or left hand.
It's easy to drive.
Move the joystick in the direction you want to go, forward, backward or side to side. You have full control at your fingertips, while speed is controlled with the push of a button.
Fits under tables and desks.
No need to transfer to another chair, simply drive yourself into position and back out using your joystick, it's as simple as that. Also very convenient when dining out.
Works indoors and outdoors.
Making tight turns in cramped indoor spaces is easy thanks to Zoomer's 25 inch turning radius. Outdoors the powerful dual motors and low center of gravity let you enjoy a safe and stable ride.
Easy to transport
Folds flat in seconds.
Simply pull the release cable and it folds to 12 inches. No parts to assemble or disassemble. To unfold it, pull the cable again and open it like a lawn chair, you'll be zooming away in no time.
Lightweight and portable.
At 52 lbs. including the battery it can be loaded into a back seat or trunk without the use of a ramp or lift.

Your safety is our priority in these uncertain times.

As a Licensed Medical Device Establishment we remain open for business to continue serving your mobility needs. Showroom visits are now by appointment to ensure social distancing requirements are met. We are following AHS guidelines, all surfaces are disinfected regularly, while safety gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks are offered as a courtesy. Call ahead to book a time so you can be assured of complete privacy while you try out our many units in search of your perfect ride.

We offer free delivery, curbside scooter pick up, and free ground shipping for our three exclusive folding electric mobility chairs.