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Foldable & Portable
Weighs 46 lbs. without the seat and battery.
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SupaScoota Sprint
SupaScoota sprint
If you can lift 46lbs, you only need to lift off the seat and unplug the battery to load up the SupaScoota for transport, but if you need to separate the frame into lighter pieces 22-24 lbs. you have that option.
supascoota sprint folded

The SupaScoota offers a unique design with patented safety technology not available with other scooters.

Supascootas have undergone rigorous testing and meet or exceed FDA requirements.

The Sprint is a foldable portable unit. Its powerful 360Wh lithium battery does provide a longer range per charge but may restrict it for air travel, please check with your airline first.

The Supascoota's Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) reduces the scooter speed during a turn, reducing the risk of tipping the scooter and preventing accidents.

Supascoota's modern design focuses on simplicity, eliminating bulky and mostly cosmetic plastic that weighs down other portable scooters.

Folds and locks for transport in seconds.

Technical specifications

Number of wheels: 4

Color: Grey

Material: Aluminium

Front wheel size: 200 x 65 mm (8 x 2.5″)

Rear wheel size: 200 x 65 mm (8 x 2.5″)

Ground Clearance: (Tiller) 60 mm (2.4″)

Length:1010 mm (40″)

Width: 570 mm (22.5″)

Weight without seat: Front frame: 10.2 kg (22.4 Ibs)

Without Front wheels: 8.5 kg (18.7 Ibs)

Back frame: 10 kg (22Ibs.)

Weight of seat: 7.7 kg (17 Ibs incl. seat frame & arm rest)

Max Loading: 125 kg (275 Ibs) on level ground

Turn Radius: 910 mm (36″)

Motor Output: 2 x 150W

Transmission: Worm Drive Gearbox

Reverse Forward / Reverse Switch

Brakes: Dynamic Braking and Electromagnetic Brake

Battery: 24V 15 ah – 4.0 kg (9 Ibs) airline restricted

Charger Off-board: 24 volt 4 amp

Max Speed: 6.5 kph (4 mph)

2nd speed choice: 4.6 kph / 2.9 mph

Slope grade-ability: Max recommended – 9 degrees

Travel Distance: Up to 20 km (12.4 miles)

Distance between armrests: 45-55 cm (18-22″)

SupaScoota solid body
SupaScoota comfortable seat
SupaScoota easy fold
Aluminium Solid Body
Comfortable Seat
Easy Fold
SupaScoota logo
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